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Rest Easy in a Bed With Professionally Cleaned Linens

Call us to dry-clean your bedding and blankets

There's no better feeling than crawling under a freshly cleaned comforter at night. Bring your comforter and sheets to Uptown Cleaners for dry-cleaning services. We clean specialty materials that cannot go in your washing machine, including down comforters and feathered blankets.

Swing by today, and we'll dry-clean your bedding and blankets so that they smell fresh and feel like new.

Why should you dry-clean your bed linens?

Always check the tag on your comforter for cleaning instructions. When in doubt, bring it to Uptown Cleaners for dry-cleaning services. Here's why:

  • You don't want to overload your washer: Stuffing a huge comforter in the washer can overwhelm the machine and won't clean the material properly.
  • You want to prevent shrinkage: Washing comforters at home can cause them to shrink, which will leave them looking unattractive on your bed.
  • You can clean your bedding with no hassle: Rather than hanging your comforter out to dry for days, drop it off for a quick and easy dry-cleaning.

Visit Uptown Cleaners as soon as you notice your bedding needs a professional cleaning.